Baden Airport Business Park

Trade-shop, Ground

A strip mall with several shops is located on the ground floor of the new business park. The outlets will be opened up for visitors to the newly created Piazza, which is located within car park proximity. From the existing terminal the customers arrive at the mall without being exposed to rain on a possible covered walkway.

It proposes the following uses: Travel items, bookstore, outlet store, drugstore, flower shop, newsstand, beauty shops , pharmacy, sport and recreation.

Administrative area, Upper floor

In the administrative level office uses are provided. A flexible division into individual areas would be just as feasible for small companies as a provision for major tenants.
Heart of the business center is the central foyer in the 1st floor, which also includes direct access to the parking deck level 1, in order to offer VIP customers a dry connection.

The hall takes over 2 floors and, with the gallery levels, offers possibilities for central, multi-functional conferences and training rooms. The lobby is designed as a glass-enclosed open space.

Materials, economy and ecology:

Clear and consistent support structure, primary structure with reinforced concrete main beams on supports, aluminum and glass post and beam construction for the office facade areas. The facade contrasts between metal and its large glazed areas.

Inside there is an exciting counter between concrete walls and floors, metal panels and wooden elements. Possible shading devices outside, solid thermally active ceiling as mass storage, glass exterior walls with partially translucent curtain metal elements. Green flat roof.

Parquet flooring in the office area, natural stone/tiles in the foyer and entrance areas. The property is equipped with all needed media, is completely developed and connected to the existing district heating network (Fernwärme).

Gastronomy, Ground floor

On the shaped Piazza, in front of the terminal building, will be located a theme restaurant, that provides a large panoramic glass windows, so flight operations can be viewed.

Kitchen, utility rooms, toilets and other necessary uses will be integrated on the ground floor.


Consistent and clearly structured in a grid supporting structure on columns, flat slabs of the floors above.

The ceilings are braced by the stairs, and elevator cores. Metal and glass facade with alternating metal panels and glass opening windows. The filter structure as an outer shell (glazing and metal mesh) is built up between the outer edges of the flat ceiling and is attached to it.

17.000 m² of offices

According to our joint marketing research there is a need for expanded functionality of the airport terminal building. We are planning to build 3.000 m² of retail space, 17.000 m² of offices, multilevel parking with 1.000 car capacity, with a possibility of extension to 2.000 parking spaces. Also there is a necessity for a gas station, with a car wash, and a full car repair, tuning and maintenance facility all of which will accommodate the needs of the airport and Business Park visitors as well as employees. There are also several rental car companies currently present at the airport, in addition to other businesses located in the area.