Baden Airport Business Park

Business Park

Idea / Urban design

The planned construction property is located right by the existing airport terminal.

The new architectural ensemble consists of 3 main components. Office complex as the main building of the area. Second is parking garage, connected to the main building by covered walking path. In the rear of multilevel parking garage is also connection by covered walkway to rental car return area and third component building that will include a car dealer with a showroom and a gas-station with shop.

The entire project can be built in several phases, without disturbing the airport and its business operations.

The ground floor of the new building with an integrated commercial and catering area, presents itself as a very open, translucent, floating field, which invites the visitor not only to go shopping, but also to stay on the newly created Piazza. The spacious lobby of the administration area is clearly structured, the connected stairs provide direct accessibility to different areas.

The building impresses by its internal translucency, which promises a pleasant working atmosphere with daylight work spaces. In the upper floors, the floor areas are used as so called multifunctional areas ( as an additional archive or meeting area, copy and waiting areas for visitors). The shading function of the building is guaranteed by filter plates made of metal mesh or expanded metal spread over the glass facades, on the other hand, they also guarantee previously mentioned translucency.


The new business park with its planned parking garage is accessible from Halifax Avenue parallel to the existent terminal.

Quebec Avenue, a two-lane one-way street, serves the car park, the gas station area and the proposed car dealer showroom.

Covered pedestrian access to the terminal building from all directions.

The newly created courtyard wraps around the new building from the northwest, starting from the terminal building, going through the building of the administration and ending at parking garage.

The new administration building will obtain lounge areas, a bistro, shops, office spaces and conference rooms.
The individual elements of the administration building are connected by bridges.
By differentiating building complex to three separate buildings will utilize functionality as well as construction phases.

An additional parking garage with ground floor level reserved for car rental & the7 above ground parking levels accommodate a total of approximately 2.000 cars.

  • Office Center in heart of BABP

    The heart of the project consists of a Trade and Office Center composed of two buildings.
    The office center is located only 20 m. away from the airport terminal and offers about 4.000 m² trade area and 17.000 m² offices area.

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  • Advantageous parking possibilities

    In the middle of the center there is a logical addition of the project - a multilevel parking with 1.000 car capacity, with a possibility of extension to 2.000 parking spaces.

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  • All around the car

    There is a necessity for a gas station, with a car wash, and a full car repair, tuning and maintenance facility all of which will accommodate the needs of the airport and Business Park visitors as well as employees.

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